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RANA Canada (Rajasthan Association of North America, Canada) was formed in 2007 by Indo-Canadians of Indian Origin and Rajasthanis in Canada – to effectively nurture and cultivate love and respect amongst each other, preserve and pass on our rich culture and heritage to the next generation.

The objective to Form this Association to bring awareness among and to link our local Canadian communities to India in general, and Rajasthan in particular such as: sand dunes of Thar, mountains of Aravali; the basic knowledge, significance and awareness about its various festivals as Teej, Gangaur, Dhola – Maru;Its historical great warrriors as- Rana Sangha, Maha Rana Pratap;
Its great industrialists who contributed to Indian Economy such as Birla, Bangur, Goenkas, Jaipurias; Its traditional folk music and dances – Ghoomar, Kalbelia; its community- Great warrior community Rajput, & traditional communities- Gujjar, Meena; its traditional food -Dal – Bati – Churma.
These Rajasthan’s rich culture and heritage seem to have lost their meaning or recognition in the fast current life style and hence it was thought necessary to have such association.

A Group of Rajasthanis’ of Canada, who were inspired by RANA (USA) met to incorporate RANA (Canada) in the state of Ontario as non-profit –organization, under the relevant rules and codes of incorporation act of Canada.

Following founder members met in October and constituted its first Executive Council and Board of Directors:
Yogesh Sharma (President), Gordhan Jethoo (Secretary), Savita Mehta (Treasurer),Alok Goel, Gauri Goel, Rakesh Goenka, Sampat Poddar, Jethoo,, Yatendra Shah, Usha Shah, Shiv Karwal, Jagdish Yadav, Shobha Jain, Pramod Jain, Ram Kalwar, Garima Kalwar, Meghna Gupta.

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