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Rajasthan Association of North America

About Us

Rajasthan Association of Canada (RANA) is a non-profit organization of theIndo-Canadian Community from Rajasthan State of India. It was established in 2007. It has actively been engagedin promoting Culture and heritage of Rajasthan.

It also provides a forum for the Rajasthani community of Canada toshare, cherish and promote Rajasthani Culture, Literature, Art, Heritage and Values in tandem with those ofCanadian ones.”

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    Events Organized

    RANA has organized many events
    since its inception in 2007

About Rajasthan

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Change this to “About Rajasthan” – Rajasthan State/Province is in the Northwestern part of the Indian subcontinent. It is the largest State of India.Rajasthan is Land of Kings (Raj- King, Sthan- Land/Place) with rich cultural heritage which dates to Indus Valley Civilization. It is also Land of Havelis dotted with majestic forts. It is known for its valor, dignity, humility and integrity. March 30 is celebrated as Rajasthan Day. On March 30, 1949,Sardar Patel officially inaugurated Rajasthan after amalgamation of numerous princely states of earlier Rajputana State.

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What We Do

Bring People Together Through Culture

RANA organizes various cultural and social activities for the Rajasthani Communities in Canada. It also invites community members of other Socio-Cultural organizations to actively participate and contribute to the mission and goals of RANA.

Past Events

Our Values

Our Mission & Goals

  •  Promote Rajasthani Culture
  •  Support the community
  •  Provide a platform to young minds

RANA steps in to assist new immigrant RANA Members for smooth transitioning into Canadian atmosphere through it support services such as information on education, employment, healthcare, housing and many more

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RANA Board

Our Board Members

RANA Board is comprised of leading RANA Members with passion for the cause. They represent various walks of life and well respected members of Society known for their passion, integrity and commitment.

Rashi Bajaj


Savita Rathore

VP-Secretary & Administration

Ramesh Agarwalla

Board Member

Ravi Haldania

Board Member

Mittali Sharma

Board Member

Pramod Mittal

Board Member

Dilip Sharma

Board Member

Reeta Sachdeva

Board Member

Dipak Mantri

Board Member

Riti Karwal

Board Member

Anil Purohit

Board Member

Rajesh Kejriwal

Board Member

Upcoming Events

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Our Stakeholders

RANA Extended family

RANA sincerely expresses the support and participation of our Sponsors for believing in our goals and mission. We value their commitment in our journey to make a better future for our community.

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